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The Raging Bull Options War Room is THE place to become a profitable, successful options trader. Learn the different strategies to options trading from six of the top options traders. In fact, there is NO other forum of options traders like this anywhere on the planet!

“Based on the techniques I’ve learned from Jeff Bishop, I am currently at +75% gains.”

peter d., IT manager

“I am up over $8,000 trading STZ calls, YNDX calls, and PBR calls right from Jeff’s list, taking my account to well over $20,000!”

todd b., insurance professional

“My buys are normally in the $500 to $1,200 range, and so far I’m up with Kyle about $2,500 with a 17K account.”

chris l., business consultant

“After only 48 hours of being a member, I was able to net a $900 profit on trades that I picked with confidence.”

jacqueline h., software developer

meet the options war room


“MENSA Trader” Jeff Bishop Targeting “Big Home Runs”

One of the smartest, most rational, and completely no-BS, specialist options traders on the planet! 20+ years of trading success, Jeff is head of Options Trading at Raging Bull. Backed-up with a masters degree in economics, Jeff knows how to trade markets no matter whether they are up, down, or sideways… all to lock-in massive gains!

Jeff has an uncanny ability to target options trades for big home runs.

Generating 90%-Probability Trades: Full Time Trading Results From Part-Time Trading!

Dave is not a full-time day trader, and never has been. He became interested in trading because he wanted to generate extra income LIKE that of a professional trader, without having to put in the long hours. His “Simple Cashflow Options” strategy has a 90% profitability track-record with little downside risk. If you’re looking to make consistent gains on back-to-back trades in a market that’s up one day and crashing the next, Dave is your man.

Learn How to Get “Daily Deposits” From One Daily Options Trade!

Every day at 3am Davis loads up his targeting formulas to locate a single, precise, high-probability trade. Once that trade is clearly in focus he alerts his members before the market opens to the optimal trade he located. This winning strategy frequently locks-in big returns within the first hour of the day after the markets open!

The Trader Who Annihilated $80,000 in Student Loans… By Generating Almost $7 Million in Trading Profits!

Kyle Dennis is a legendary trading specialist at Raging Bull. Straight out of college he scraped together a tiny $15,253 trading account and has since turned that into over almost $7 million in trading profits! Kyle is a highly efficient options trader and uses his powerful IGNITE formula to pinpoint companies with stock prices about to explode.

One Covert Formula That Targets Options Trades Ready to Explode!

Nathan Bear’s trading formula is simple; find companies and options ready to explode in price, analyze their hidden strength, and get in at the bottom of the curve. Nathan has an evious reputation for 100%-plus wins including a lifetime best of currently four, 1,000+% winners, and over 100, 100+% winners in 2019 alone!!

High Profitability Options Trades

A trained accountant, over the last five years James Morse has developed a precise, meticulous approach to high probability options trades. He applies technical studies and probability analysis, and has become known for his consistent options trades on a variety of stocks, bonds, ETF’s, commodities, and currencies.

“Jeff Bishop allowed me to see his portfolio and showed me what he was actually doing. Some trading services don’t do that at all.” – Thuy N., CPA

“At work, I was in the middle of a 1,100-foot wood glue-down job when I heard Davis’ trade alert come through. Unfortunately, I couldn’t get to my phone fast enough, but I caught the end and made a quick $400!” – Dario P., Business Owner

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This elite trading service is designed to give both new and experienced traders a high-probability trading profit strategy, insights, trade analysis and alerts.

And there are two big financial events that create uncertainty for traders and investors everywhere: earnings season and talk of the Feds adjusting the interest rate.

How will these events affect the markets and what opportunities will they create.? (Hint: the markets do not always rise after a Fed. rate change!)

We include earnings seasons updates and emergency updates on big news from the Fed. in our War Room with our options traders giving their insights on how these events create new trading opportunities… but only if you are a member of the Raging Bull Options War Room

Welcome to Raging Bull’s Options War Room. We’ll send your access code within moments of your completed application on the next page.

“Just this morning, on SPY Puts, I made a 276% return. All within a matter of minutes. Absolutely Awesome!”
– Gregory C., Structural Engineer

“I completed my first 3 trades in 8 days, and I’m already up over $3,500, My goal is to be able to quit my day job within a year and make my money trading options from home.”
– William M, Senior Process Engineer

“My first trade with Kyle… in yesterday @2:53pm, out this morning @9:34am. +121%!”
– Michael B., Educator

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